I know what you're thinking... "THE MOB? How could they make an impact?" In this day and age "The Mob" isn't seen in a positive light, however, in this organization it means everything.


We believe with unity we as a community are able to accomplish so much with our children are and our future. If we don't provide our families and community with the essential tools to aid in their development and stress management we are setting them up for failure before they even start the race. The Mob is a union and regardless of what goes on it sticks together. We are “The Mob” A mix of different personalities that are still growing everyday. 


As a parent in a technology savvy world the engagement with the children are with tablets, phones, etc.. What we don’t realize is now the ball is in our court. We can work together as a community to help build our families  and provide our children with the developmental tools for a successful future.


We are here to help bridge the gap in our community. We want to provide the resources parents and families may need to reach long and short term goals. Goals like home ownership, business start up, even something simple like picking the right daycare... We are here to help! 

“Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.” 

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Our Mission

Parentship with the Mob's mission is to strengthen the bond between families within the community. 



Our primary goals are to provide educational support, mentoring and development services to help better relationships of families within their homes. We want to bridge the gap between families in the community and assist in the dialogue of community and family togetherness.




 To achieve this goal, we offer services including events that cater to the community as a whole putting focus on the family to create a safe and healthy environment for children. We want to use this opportunity to help our community understand the resources that are available to them to aid with homelessness prevention, services that cater to low income families and any initiative that will help promote togetherness. 


Our Vision

  • Mentoring to parents and children to help promote a healthy lifestyle physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally.

  • Provide Business start up straining to people looking to start a business but needing guidance on where to begin 

  • Homelessness prevention for low income families. 

  • Host events/ projects to better the community

  • To sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle for all families.

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