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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Parentship with the Mob will provide educational, mentoring and developmental services to help better the relationships of families in the home.


Parentship with the Mob wants to bridge the gap between families in the community. This service includes Events held with the community members and families to help promote a healthy environment for the children. We want to help our community use the resources that are provided to them. We realized by coming together, we are capable of incredible results. We would like to help with homelessness prevention services for low income families.


" According to the 2019 Homeless Count in Hillsborough County, on any given night there are at least 1,650 homeless men, women, and children in Tampa-Hillsborough County. These are people who are sleeping on the streets, behind buildings, in encampments, in cars, emergency shelters and transitional housing." This was confirmed by Tampa Hillsborough Homeless initiative in 2019. 

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Our Vision 

  • Mentoring to parents and children to help promote a healthy lifestyle physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally.

  • Provide Business start up straining to people looking to start a business but needing guidance on where to begin 

  • Homelessness prevention for low income families. 

  • Host events/ projects to better the community

  • To sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle for all families.

  I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.
- Edward Everett Hale

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“Parenthood has the power to redefine every aspect of life - marriage, work, relationships with family and friends. Those helpless bundles of power and promise that come into our world show us our true selves- who we are, who we are not, who we wish we could be.”
― Hillary Rodham Clinton
Parentship with The Mob

Email: Jaida.noah@parentshipwiththemob.com

Phone: 813-381-1982

Registered Charity: CH61059


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